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Requirements for the pilot training and application at the European Flight Academy

One step closer to your dream of becoming a pilot

No job like any other

Overview of the selection procedure

The job of a pilot is unlike any other – that is why the training is preceded by a selection process that determines whether or not an applicant is suited for this profession.

After you submit your application (a list of all documents required can be found here) we will check if it is complete and whether or not you meet all fundamental requirements. If you meet all fundamental requirements and if your application is in line with our specifications, we will invite you to our next selection step.

Please be aware that you will be able to apply only after having successfully obtained the DLR test certificate and with the corresponding document. You can find more information on the DLR certificate here. 

We at the European Flight Academy view the selection process as a challenge which should be met with sporting ambition – every participant will learn and grow from it. All candidates share a dream: to work in the cockpit of an airline in the not-so-far-off future. To this end, you will master completely new challenges and understand your strengths and weaknesses better in the process.

We would like to encourage you at this point: If you meet the fundamental requirements that have to be met for the pilot training, then you should definitely apply – or do you want to look back one day and have to tell yourself you did not at least try?

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The various steps of the application


The requirements for the pilot training

Find out what you need in order to successfully apply

The table shows the fundamental requirements you have to meet if you want to apply for the pilot training. You still have questions that have not been answered? Please see our FAQ section for answers to frequently asked questions.We would of course also be happy to help you personally.


 * The recruitment requirements for Lufthansa Group cockpits may vary depending on the airline (further information)

** More information on the required rating can be found here.


You can download the application requirements for pilot training in Switzerland below:

Participants of the SPHAIR courses enjoy advantages. For more information click here.

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