Financing of your pilot training in Switzerland

OVERVIEW ON Financial aid, government subsidies, and declarations of intent to hire

Financial aid


Very few young people are able to finance the pilot training out of pocket. We have compiled options on this page that you as a Swiss citizen can avail yourself of to finance your training so that your dream job of pilot does not have to remain a dream. We are currently working on other aid and will add relevant information on this page as appropriate.


At the moment we are offering the following financing options:

Government subsidies

Subsidies for higher technical colleges

Contributions by the cantons for the training course with the degree of “Dipl. Pilot/-in HF” (officially recognized by the Swiss educational system)
The Interkantonale Vereinbarung über Beiträge an die Bildungsgänge der höheren Fachschulen (HFSV, Inter-Cantonal Agreement on Contributions for Educational Programs at Technical Colleges) has been the basis for the equitable access of students to the educational programs at higher technical colleges (HF, Höhere Fachschulen). In particular, the Inter-Cantonal Agreement provides for the amount of the contributions that a canton makes to the education of its students.
The study programs at the higher technical colleges are funded in part by these cantonal contributions, provided, however, that our students meet certain requirements, including, but not limited to, having a place of residence in Switzerland (while pursuing their training).
Any subsidies paid out are already deducted (current as of 10/2022) from the training costs, as we do not offer the training in a break-even manner at this time.

Financing provided by airlines


When training to become a pilot in Switzerland, you will have the opportunity to get a declaration of intent to hire with the SWISS and Edelweiss Lufthansa Group airlines already prior to the start of the training. The prerequisite in this case is that you receive, in an additional selection step that is called the “pre-airline fit,” a favorable decision (“board positive”). If you have received such a favorable decision and have concluded your declaration of intent to hire, you can avail yourself of the funding benefits.

With an initial investment of CHF 35,000, you can begin your training. As a Swiss citizen, you will receive a federal subsidy pursuant to the Verordnung über die Finanzhilfen für Ausbildungen im Bereich der Luftfahrt (VFAL, Swiss ordinance on financial aid for aviation training) in the amount of CHF 60,000, while as an EU/EFTA citizen the corresponding amount will be CHF 36,000. The remaining costs of CHF 45,000 respectively CHF 69,000 will be deferred by the airline, which means that you can pay them back out of your salary as a pilot after completion of your training, starting in the 3rd year with a monthly payment of CHF 1,000 for 45 months (applicable to Swiss citizens) respectively with a monthly payment of CHF 1,150 for 5 years (applicable to EU/EFTA citizens).

Payment rates

Payment by training phase

We invoice you before the respective training sections, so you don't have to provide the entire training sum at once.

The Swiss training phases and payment rates are structured as follows:


Training costs will become due in 3 rates before the respective training step:

Time period
1. Rate
Phase 1: Basis Theorie; Phase 2: Advanced Theorie und Initial Flight Training
40.000 CHF
2. Rate
Phase 3: Advanced Sichtflug und Initial Instrumentenflug
45.000 CHF
3. Rate
Phase 4: Multi Engine Training und Europäisierung; Phase 5: Advanced ATPL Theorie; Phase 6: MCC
55.000 CHF
Total basic costs =
140.000 CHF*
*The cost contributions of CHF 24,400 paid by the canton of residence under the laws governing scholarships pursuant to the Interkantonale Vereinbarung über Beiträge an die Bildungsgänge der höheren Fachschulen (HFSV, Inter-Cantonal Agreement on Contributions for Educational Programs at Technical Colleges) have already been deducted from the training costs.

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