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Collaboration with Bremen City University of Applied Sciences

“Aviation Systems Engineering and Management” degree program and other study program options

Collaborating with Bremen City University of Applied Sciences, the European Flight Academy provides the option of combining the ATPL training with a Bachelor’s degree program. Additionally, it is also possible to receive credits for various courses of study, provided the pilot training has been completed successfully, and to thus shorten the period of study by up to two semesters.

“Aviation Systems Engineering and Management” degree program (for ATPL)

The Aviation Systems Engineering and Management course of study at Bremen City University of Applied Sciences integrates the theoretical modules of the pilot training. In a first step, the basic competencies of machine engineering are taught; these are followed by modules offering in-depth knowledge in aviation-specific subject areas as well as by key qualifications in the fields of psychology, business administration, and management. You can begin your pilot training after the fourth academic semester; alternatively, you can start your studies after two years of completed pilot training.

Please note that, for you to apply for pilot training, the DLR certificate with a corresponding rating is required.

Graduates will obtain the internationally recognized academic degree of “Bachelor of Engineering.” The language of instruction at Bremen City University is German. Find out more about the program here.


Shortened period of study after Pilot Training

Some subjects taught during the pilot training will also be relevant for other courses of study. Within the framework of our close collaboration with Bremen City University of Applied Sciences, about 20% to 25% of the required credits can be credited to a course of study after successful completion of the ATP training at EFA (exact number of credits recognized depends on the respective course of study). A course of study subsequent to your training is sensible when you can picture yourself in an academic profession in addition to performing the job of a pilot. Depending on the employer, it might also be possible to combine both careers.
You can find an overview of the courses of study (excluding ILST courses of study) that you can combine with the pilot training here:

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