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Without a doubt: There are a lot of costs associated with pilot training because the individual training steps particularly of the practical phase are very costly. The European Flight Academy closely analyzed all training steps from a cost-benefit perspective and optimized them so that our high training standards are met while at the same time the training is streamlined to achieve maximum efficiency.

The European Flight Academy offers high-quality training that maximizes your chances at landing a job in the cockpit of an airline of Lufthansa Group or outside it.

The training qualifies you in an ideal way for a job in a Lufthansa Group cockpit so that the return on your investment comes in the form of the optimal job prospects. Should you not receive an employment offer for a job in the cockpit of a Lufthansa Group airline within 24 months after having completed the training, you will be reimbursed for 50% of the training costs. You can find further information on our take-off promise on the respective subpage
We also offer you a security umbrella. If, contrary to expectations, you are unable to complete your training due to performance issues, your training costs are capped at 20%. 
To make the training feasible, you can find further options for financial aid as well as offers from financial partners on our “Financing” page.

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