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Overview of the costs of pilot training

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The costs, services, and financial aid associated with your pilot training

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Without a doubt: There are a lot of costs associated with pilot training because the individual training steps particularly of the practical phase are very costly. The European Flight Academy closely analyzed all training steps from a cost-benefit perspective and optimized them so that our high training standards are met while at the same time the training is streamlined to achieve maximum efficiency.

The European Flight Academy offers high-quality training that maximizes your chances at landing a job in the cockpit of an airline of Lufthansa Group or outside it.

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Costs and services of the pilot training in Germany at a glance

Overview of training costs in Germany

You can download the overview of costs for pilot training in Germany below:

Overview of training costs in Switzerland

The cost overview for pilot training in Switzerland will soon be published here.

Basic service (included in the training costs)


Services before the start of training (for a fee)


*The medical must be issued in the country where the licence was obtained.

The following additional services are mandatory during your training (for a fee)


You have the option of booking the following additional services for a fee, if you so wish



Calculation example for the repayment of your training costs

Here you can find an example of how you could pay back your pilot training investment.

Our financing concepts


In addition to the options for governmental financial aid available that are in the respective country and listed below, we would like to provide our student pilots with the best possible assistance so that they can feasibly finance the cost of their training.

To this end, we issue invoices for the respective training phases. You will begin, for example, with the mandatory installments of €15,000 each for the "theory" and "SEP phases". After having completed the first flight phase and based upon the substantiated achievement of the ATP license, you will be able to fund the remaining balance of €75,000 with the help of a financial partner.

Beyond that, we are currently working on other financing concepts that we will present here shortly.


Educational aid programs and subsidies

Educational aid pursuant to the Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (BAföG, German Federal Law on Educational Support) for the ATPL

Because of the recognition of equivalence pursuant to the Federal Law on Educational Support (BAföG), it has been possible since October 1st, 2019, to apply for educational aid for the duration of the training at the European Flight Academy.

As a rule, every student registered with EFA at the training location in Germany is eligible to apply for educational aid. An application can be filed once the training agreement has been signed. The relevant documentation will be provided upon request following conclusion of the training agreement. If approved, educational aid will be provided starting with the month in which the training commences; at the earliest, however, with the month in which the application is filed.

For the time spent in the USA in the context of the training, an application for educational aid is to be filed with the competent international office, in this case the Studierendenwerk Hamburg – Amt für Ausbildungsförderung (Student Services – Office for Education Funding (BAföG-Amt)).

Federal financial aid

Those of our students that intend to apply for a job in one of our Swiss airline operations (SWISS International Airlines and Edelweiss Air) after their training might be eligible for financial aid for the pilot training in the form of so-called federal financial aid

Under certain circumstances, suitable candidates will be eligible for financial aid for the ATPL training. The financial aid in this context will amount to a maximum of 50 percent of the eligible costs of the training. The financial aid for persons who are not of Swiss nationality and who specifically come to Switzerland for the relevant training will amount to a maximum of 30 percent of the eligible costs.

Eligible costs are deemed to be those costs that are invoiced by the training institution for the training itself (in particular learning material) as well as costs of rent for training aircraft, simulators, and comparable facilities, inasmuch as these costs are to be borne by the candidates themselves.

Disbursement of the financial aid will take place after the successful completion of the training and following the conclusion of an employment agreement with a Swiss airline operation guaranteeing employment for a duration of at least three years.

You can find more detailed information on this on the website of the Bundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt (BAZL, Federal Office of Civil Aviation): https://www.bazl.admin.ch/bazl/de/home/fachleute/regulation-und-grundlagen/spezialfinanzierung-luftverkehr--wofuer-es-gelder-gibt.html


Contributions by the cantons

Contributions by the cantons for the training course with the degree of “Dipl. Pilot/-in HF” (officially recognized by the Swiss educational system)

Since the academic year 2015/2016, the Interkantonale Vereinbarung über Beiträge an die Bildungsgänge der höheren Fachschulen (HFSV, Inter-Cantonal Agreement on Contributions for Educational Programs at Technical Colleges) has been the basis for the equitable access of students to the educational programs at technical colleges. In particular, the Inter-Cantonal Agreement provides for the amount of the contributions that a canton makes to the education of its students.

The study programs at the technical colleges are funded in part by these cantonal contributions, provided, however, that our students meet certain requirements while pursuing their training, including, but not limited to, having a place of residence in Switzerland.

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