Alternative entry into Lufthansa Group Cockpits


The ready-entry pool of the Lufthansa Group


In European countries where the European Flight Academy does not operate its own flight schools, but where Lufthansa Group airlines are headquartered, we currently initiate a cooperation with carefully selected partner flight schools, which will be extended in the future.

This presents an alternative way for the student pilots to complete their training in their home country and to have a good chance of finding a cockpit job with a suitable airline through the Lufthansa Group's ready-entry pool. Graduates of the European Flight Academy are given priority in filling cockpit jobs that become available, followed by the students in the "ready-entry pool", who will get the opportunity to be considered for these positions.

Approximately half a year before the end of their training, the partner school’s student pilots are provided with access to the EFA Campus, a digital marketplace for cockpit jobs within the Lufthansa Group.

The ready-entry-application processes are individually designed by the different Lufthansa Group Airlines.

Our partner flight schools


In order to meet the highest requirements for our pilots in the Lufthansa Group cockpits, the careful selection of our partner flight schools is of the utmost importance to us. We audit and monitor the flight schools on a regular basis.

Our selection is based on the following qualitative criteria:

  • Airline oriented commercial pilot training
  • Scope and quality of the sylabus
  • Standardized theory and practice training
  • Quality of teaching and learning materials
  • Professional and didactic competence of the flight instructors
  • Quality of infrastructure and training devices


Our Partner Flight Schools at a glance

About Skywings

Skywings Flight Training is an international flight school with its main base at Antwerp airport, Belgium. They started up in 2016 as a joint initiative of airline pilots with an extensive training background, both in airline training and initial flight training, who wanted to offer flight training exclusively for those people who aspire a career as an airline pilot.

Skywings offers a fulltime integrated ATPL training and has created a training environment that is as close as possible to a real airline environment. For that, they count on a team of highly motivated flight and ground instructors who are active or retired airline pilots, a requirement to become an instructor at Skywings. They operate out of their modern campus that is directly linked to their airplane hangar.

After having completed the last step of their flight training, the APS MCC on the Airbus A320 simulator, which is also located on campus, students have fanned out to fly commercial aircraft in all corners of Europe, but most of them have found employment as a first officer on the Airbus at Lufthansa Group Airline Brussels Airlines.

A training aircraft is parked in front of a hangar.

About Aviation Academy Austria (AAA)

The Aviation Academy Austria AAA specializes in the training of commercial and airline pilots. The Academy is located at Wiener Neustadt airfield (LOAN), 30 kilometers south of the Austrian capital Vienna. Ideally located on the edge of the Alps and a short flight distance from the Adriatic Sea, students have all the opportunities for high-quality and varied training. Alpine instruction and coastal flying included.
During Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) training, experienced instructors ensure that graduates are optimally prepared for a successful career in a modern airline cockpit. You don't just learn how to fly. The AAA flight instructors impart personal experience of the day-to-day work of an airline pilot and everything that goes with it. In addition to professional expertise, the focus is on collegial and prudent cooperation, which is indispensable in the cockpit.

A person sits in a training aircraft and steers towards the runway.

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