Willst du Pilot:in werden?

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Was erwartet Dich an der European Flight Academy

The quality of the training is what is most important to us. The roughly two-year pilot training with high standards in theory, practice, and learning environment enables you to meet the high expectations and challenges of the job of a pilot. You start in Germany with the very thorough theoretical training in Bremen and take off for the practical phases in Phoenix, USA, as well as Rostock, Germany. Two years later you will be able to join an airline as a pilot and take off. The training in Switzerland takes two years, as well, and differs a little when it comes to the interplay of theoretical and practical training phases. The training locations are Zurich (theoretical training), Grenchen (practical training), and Goodyear/USA (practical training). You can find more information on our training on our website under the heading Training.

The pilot training is your investment in the career as a pilot and, as such, is a self-financing model, as is customary on the market. For € 110,000, the training in Germany, for example, includes almost all services entailed by the training. In this context we want to provide you with the best financial aid possible so that you can finance your training via our financing partners. You can find more detailed information on payment by installments and on further funding models here.

We believe in optimal prospects for our junior pilots and have developed the take-off promise for this reason. Within 24 months of having successfully completed the training by obtaining a license you will receive a binding offer by an LGH airline. If you do not receive an offer from Lufthansa Group, we will reimburse 50% of the training costs to your account. More information on the prospects.

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Dein Weg ins Cockpit

Pilot:in ist kein Beruf wie jeder andere – deshalb steht vor der Schulung ein Auswahlverfahren, in dem die Eignung der Kandidat:innen für diesen Beruf überprüft wird. 



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