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To work above the clouds, to get to know fascinating places and cultures of the world during your professional life, and to bear great responsibility for people and technology.
We turn this dream into your profession - at the European Flight Academy we train you to become a pilot without any previous flying experience. The best training quality in theory and practice is our standard - so you will be optimally equipped for all challenges in the cockpits of the Lufthansa Group.

What the pilot profession is all about

You connect the world

Being a pilot:in. That doesn't just mean flying people or goods from A to B. It means connecting people, countries and cultures. In today's times, this is even more important than ever before.
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Becoming a pilot at the European Flight Academy

The pilot training of Lufthansa Group

The quality of the training is what is most important to us. When you have completed the roughly two-year-long pilot training – which sets high standards in theory, practice, and learning environment – you will be able to meet the high expectations for and demands of a pilot and you will have the best chances at being placed into a cockpit with one of the various airlines of Lufthansa Group or another airline. 


In what ways will you experience the quality of the training? 


The theoretical and practical flight instructors have been hand-selected, can draw on a plethora of experience, and will impart to you the training contents in a comprehensive manner that is oriented by practical relevance. Our close ties to airline operations ensure that your training is geared toward the requirements of your future cockpit job.

A student pilot from the Lufthansa Group's flight school takes a close look at the tire of a training aircraft.

Obtaining the ATP license certified by EASA at the European Flight Academy means that a great number of career-entry opportunities within Lufthansa Group and outside it will be open to you. Almost every European airline requires this license and the corresponding training preceding it.

The European Flight Academy’s alumni will be given priority consideration when it comes to filling new cockpit jobs with Lufthansa Group; because of the high quality of the training they have completed they are also very sought-after outside Lufthansa Group.

We will be by your side also after your training and will support you as best we can with our campus concept.

In doing so, we offer you a clear perspective: Should you not receive a concrete offer for an employment contract regarding a job in the cockpit of a Lufthansa Group airline within 24 months after having obtained the license, you will be reimbursed for 50% of the training costs. You can find further information on our Take-off-Promise here.

A first officer stands with a student pilot in front of an A350 and explains details.

The demanding selection process that our applicants must pass ensures the highest possible rate of success in the training. This can serve as reassurance for you that you will be able to fully live up to the high demands of your future pilot life.

 Several people sit at a table and write. Keyrings, calculators and notebooks are on the table.

Right from the start, our future pilots will also be trained on the topic of “sustainable flying”. Additionally, the whole training will be carbon-neutral through a combination of CO2 avoidance and carbon offset. In the medium term, CO2 emissions will be reduced even further through other technical and procedural adjustments.

Training aircraft flies over fields and wind turbines.

Within the framework of our collaboration with Bremen City University of Applied Sciences we are now able to offer advantages for other courses of study besides the non-dual ILST study program. The pilot training at the European Flight Academy can be recognized in selected courses of study and 20% to 25% of the credits to be collected can be credited. This means that, after you successfully completed your training, you can complete a course of study in order to broaden your job prospects beyond those in the cockpit. Further information is available on the website of Bremen City University of Applied Sciences.

EFA info events


Before you decide to become a pilot, you may still have questions and need to exchange. Then visit one of our info events - digital or live! Click here for dates and registration information:

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#NextGenPilot Challenge

Ready to be a #NextGenPilot? Take the Challenge and find out!

How many passengers does a pilot actually take safely to their destination each year? How often does the crew of an airplane change? And are pilots allowed to officiate marriages?
Take part in the challenge and find out lots of interesting facts about pilot training at the European Flight Academy and the job as a pilot at the Lufthansa Group.

What you can expect from us


  • High-quality training

  • Best job prospects

  • Take-off-Promise

  • Sustainability

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