Pilot training at the European Flight Academy

An investment in your future in the cockpit

Overview of the investment in pilot training


In all phases of its training, the European Flight Academy places a premium on quality. Our offer to you includes selected flight instructors with a lot of practical experience, a modern and standardized fleet of aircraft and simulators, attractive training locations with ideal infrastructure, a high-quality and sustainable training concept, and much more. Included in the training package are, among other things, the flights and transfer costs to Phoenix, as well as the accommodation in Phoenix.


At the same time, our goal is to offer the training to become an airline transport pilot at an economically viable and financially feasible price. See for yourself what the training costs consist of.

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Training costs will become due in 6 rates before the respective training step:

Time period
1. Rate
Prior to the start of the theory phase and thus the start of your training (30 days before start)
10.000 €
2. Rate
During the theory phase (60 days after start)
10.000 €
3. Rate
Prior to the start of the single-engine phase (down payment for the single-engine phase) (30 days before start)
15.000 €
4. Rate
During the single-engine phase (45 days after start)
35.000 €
5. Rate
Prior to the start of the multi-engine phase (after single-engine phase has concluded) (30 days before start)
35.000 €
6. Rate
Prior to MCC Phase (30 days before start)
15.000 €
Total basic costs =
120.000€ *
* Without regarding financial aid (eligibility for a student grant pursuant to the BaFöG may be given given)



Pilot training is an investment and very few young people are able to finance the pilot training out of pocket. But there are a number of financing options so that your dream job of pilot does not have to remain a dream.  Through our partner Brain Capital, you can fairly finance a large part of your training without additional financial security. More details and other interesting financing options can be found under the link:

Our Promise: ideal job prospects for you


  • You will receive a binding offer for a full-time position or for a minimum workload of 110 part-time days per year (which corresponds to a workload of approx. 70%) from a Lufthansa Group airline within 24 months after having successfully completed the training by obtaining a license.
  • If you do not receive an offer from Lufthansa Group, we will reimburse 50% of the training costs to your account.

Ready for your application at EFA?

Take the first step now towards a career as a pilot

You can find the detailed application process at EFA on our selection process page. On our application page you can check whether you meet all the requirements for an application to the EFA.

The first step if you want to apply at EFA is to successfully pass a DLR test with a corresponding rating. You can currently take the DLR certificate in Hamburg or Zurich. 

You can find more information about the DLR test procedure and the possibility to book an appointment for the DLR certificate directly on our DLR test registration page. We wish you good luck!

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