Financing of your pilot training in Germany

Overview on rates, grants/subsidies, and financing options

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Your financing options in detail

Very few young people are able to finance the pilot training out of pocket. We have compiled options on this page that you can avail yourself of to finance your training so that your dream job of pilot does not have to remain a dream. We are currently working on other aid and will add relevant information on this page as appropriate.

At the moment we are offering the following financing options:

Financing options provided by Brain Capital in Germany and the EU


Our financing partner, Brain Capital GmbH, offers a downstream income-related financing model aimed at providing access to pilot training for everybody. Once you have concluded a training contract with EFA, no further financial security (e.g., guarantee provided by a family member) is required. This financing offer is open to all interested parties who are EU citizens. Your financial aid might look like this*: You have basic capital of € 30,000, which you raise yourself (or via our financial partner Albatros, for example) and with that can start your pilot training. Brain Capital provides you with the capital for the remaining costs of your training of € 80,000. Repayment commences only once the minimum annual income exceeds € 30,000. From then on you will repay a fixed percentage of your income over a period of twelve years.

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The specific repayment amount is contingent upon your income level – the more you earn, the higher your repayment amount will be, and vice versa (principle of solidarity). This means that the model adapts to your personal career and ability to pay. Repayment is only made in the years in which your annual income exceeds €30,000. After 20 years at the latest, you no longer have any obligations. You can find the most significant details in the attached flyer**. 

The contact persons at Brain Capital are looking forward to your message or your call and will happily advise you.


*The above data are for illustration purposes only. The contractual terms and conditions are agreed upon directly between you and Brain Capital without the involvement of the European Flight Academy and may deviate from the data above.

** The respective providers are responsible for the content of the informational materials (flyers, videos).