Austrian Airlines and European Flight Academy


European Flight Academy is the flight academy of Lufthansa Group and thus trains prospective pilots of Austrian Airlines. As a pilot trainee, you benefit from the extensive experience of our coaches and instructors. Your training will  bring you unforgettable experiences, such as your first solo flight taking off from the runway in Goodyear (Arizona).

Austrian Airlines for Pilots


Austrian Airlines is Austria’s largest airline, flying over 13 million passengers to 130 destinations worldwide every year. With approx. 7,000 employees from over 60 countries, we aim to provide our guests with an unforgettable travel experience each and every time. As a member of the Lufthansa Group, Austrian Airlines is part of the largest and most successful aviation group in Europe.


As a pilot-to-be at Austrian, you will benefit from top quality training and an exciting duty plan. Whether you are flying several tours a day or one over several days, you will see more countries than most people, experience a life the fewest careers can provide and take home a generous salary as well. Let your passion for the job fly higher every day.

Make Your Dream of Flying a Reality


European Flight Academy has united Lufthansa Group’s flight academies under one roof since 2017. Today, the academy trains prospective pilots for all Lufthansa Group airlines on a fleet of more than 50 modern training aircraft stationed in Germany, Switzerland, and the USA. Our training courses follow one particular goal: to bring excellent pilots into the airlines’ cockpits.


The Lufthansa Group flight academies have successfully trained pilots since 1955. And much has changed since then – new technology has become part of our daily lives, and the pilot profession has changed, too. What remains is the fascination of flying.

Why European Flight Academy?


Because European Flight Academy is the flight academy of Lufthansa Group, many of our coaches and instructors have considerably experience as airline pilots. Against this backdrop, there is a constant knowledge transfer from Lufthansa Group airlines – and the other way around. This means that you already get close to the airlines at an early stage.


At European Flight Academy, you not only receive pilot training adhering to the highest standards, but also have great prospects of a career at one of the Lufthansa Group airlines. The EFA Career Support effectively helps you achieve this goal.

Six Good Reasons


  • Develops pilots and guides them through the pilot training of Lufthansa Group
  • More than 60 years of experience

  • The training concept offers two paths to a professional pilot license

  • Seven training locations in Switzerland, Germany, and the USA

  • Training fleet of more than 50 modern aircraft

  • Extensive fleet of full-flight simulators

Destination USA


In addition to sites in Germany and Switzerland, European Flight Academy is also located in the USA, where the academy has its own training airport. In Arizona and Florida, our students take off for the first time – with training as international as the pilot profession itself.