Application, training, selection, and entry

Your Path into the Cockpit: All You Need to Know

How do you become a pilot? With its ATPL program, the flight training school of SWISS offers a great opportunity that gets you directly into a SWISS cockpit. This is what you need to know:

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Where Can I Apply?

You apply at SWISS, an airline of Lufthansa Group. As soon as you complete the selection process successfully you sign a training agreement with the European Flight Academy, Lufthansa Group’s flight training school. There you finish the qualified and internationally accepted training program for the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL).  

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Which Skills Do I Need for the Selection Process?

In the selection process at SWISS, we will assess whether you have the skills to be pilot – from a basic understanding of technical systems to social competence in teams. However, you do not need to have previous knowledge on aviation. At the end of the selection process, there is both a medical examination and an interview in which you can convince representatives from SWISS of your qualification.

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What Does the Training Look Like?

It all begins after signing the training agreement! You begin at the European Flight Academy with theory phase I. After only seven weeks you sit in the cockpit for the first time in Grenchen, Switzerland. Later you receive a comprehensive flight training in Vero Beach, Florida. The entire training at the European Flight Academy takes 20 to 22 months in total.

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When Do I Sit in the Cockpit of a Commercial Flight?

After completing the ATPL program you also obtain the type rating for one of our aircraft types. After that, you are ready for your first regular flight.  

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How Do I Pay for Training?

The cost of training is currently at CHF 135.000. Thanks to federal financial help (currently CHF 64.500), canton aids for the graduation at a vocational school (currently CHF 22.000) and a share of SWISS (CHF 30.000), only the amount of CHF 18.500 remains for you. For this, SWISS grants you an interest-free loan which you can return within 1.5 years upon your engagement.