How long does the pilot training take? How high are the fees? And do I actually need to be very athletic? Here you find all you need to know on pilot training.

Can I become a pilot without perfect sight?

Yes, not all pilots have 20/20 vision. Your eyesight will be assessed by a doctor as part of your medical.

Do I need to have high grades in math and the sciences at school?

We test your knowledge of technical and physical processes as well as your technical understanding. This means it is advantageous to have done well in math and physics from years 8 to 11. We also greatly value your motivation to achieve your goals and your passion for the job.

Where can I inquire about the status of my application?

We’re afraid it’s not possible to access your application once it has been sent to us. If you require information as to its status, please contact us by telephone or email.

Am I trained to fly short- and long-haul aircraft?

At the beginning of a normal career, you are trained to fly aircraft used on short- and medium-haul routes. At a later point, you then have the ability to train to fly long-haul aircraft.

When are pilots’ duty plans made available?

Duty plans for the next month are generally published at the end of the previous month. Our pilots can state their preferences (such as for destinations) while the duty planning is underway.

What is the minimum age at the time of application?

The minimum age to begin the training is 18 years and the maximum age is 32 years.

Is there a minimum height to become a pilot?

You need to be at least 1.60m and at most 1.98m to be admitted to the SWISS pilot training program.

Which school diploma do I need?

For applicants from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Germany: general/subject-specific higher education entrance qualification or successfully completed vocational training (“Lehre”) spanning at least three years, including diploma (“Lehrabschlusszeugnis/Bescheinigung”, “eidgenössisches Fähigkeitszeugnis (EFZ)”, “Gesellenbrief/Facharbeiterbrief” or “IHK-Prüfungszeugnis”; “Matura/Abitur”, “Berufsmatura”, “Fachmittelschule (FMS)”, “Informatikmittelschule (IMS)” as well as “prüfungsfreier Zulassungsnachweis für eine Fachhochschule”). Applicants from the remaining EU and EFTA (Iceland and Norway) countries: A diploma that qualifies you for university matriculation (equivalent to German “Abitur/Matura” or “Berufsmatura/Fachhochschulreife”) or proof of admission to a Swiss government-recognized vocational school (“Nachweis über eine prüfungsfreie Zulassung an eine eidgenössisch anerkannte Fachholschule”).

Is professional experience required?

The pilot training at SWISS requires no professional experience. At Edelweiss, we require 1 year of professional experience, internship or studies at a higher academic institution.