Your Flying Future

Requirements and Application

Many dream of becoming a pilot – but how many actually try? Applying is the first step in turning your dream into reality. You can apply for our training course at any time of the year. Our programs commence every three to six weeks, allowing you to start your training when it suits you.

The Best Path to Becoming a Pilot

Lufthansa offers you the brightest perspectives from the beginning onward.  European Flight Academy, the pilot school of the Lufthansa Group, stands for top-quality pilot training. We prepare you ab initio – from the beginning, without any prior training, and help you acquire your commercial pilot license in approximately two years. You are then ready to begin working at Lufthansa and to become part of one of the largest aviation groups in the world.


In a Cockpit within One Year

You have nothing to lose: applying to European Flight Academy costs you nothing and does not enter you into any obligations. Should you meet the basic requirements, you are admitted to our selection procedure. Following this, you will discover a lot about yourself – successful applicants can then begin training at European Flight Academy. You’ll spend a year acquiring a theoretical foundation and then be ready to take to the skies above the deserts of Arizona in the cockpit of one of our training aircraft. Are you ready?
Then let's go!

Training Course

MPL: Multi-Crew Pilot License


At Lufthansa and the flight school of the Lufthansa Group, you receive an internationally recognized commercial pilot license, the Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL). From the beginning, this program places a focus on a two-person cockpit (multi-crew cooperation).You graduate from European Flight Academy line-ready after approx. 24 months, already having specialized in an aircraft type. The MPL training at a glance: 

MPL at a Glance


Permanent EU & CH residence and work permit and unrestricted passport

18 years of age at the beginning of training

Medical fitness (verification not necessary at the time of application)

Fluent English

Fluent German

Abitur (qualified for university matriculation) or a general/subject-specific higher education entrance qualification

MPL at a Glance

Course of Training


Approx. 2 years (24-28 months, incl. type rating)


Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) + type rating


Allows you to fly for Lufthansa Airline as well as every Lufthansa Group Airline

Cost of Training

Cost of training is €80,000


Financing available via the deferment plan of the Lufthansa Group Airlines

ATPL: Airline Transport Pilot Licence

Alongside our MPL program, European Flight Academy also offers an ATPL (“Airline Transport Pilot Licence”). Both programs are equal from a qualitative standpoint and differ in their admission requirements and course setup.

Into Flight School in Three Steps

Your Path to Us

You meet the requirements and are fascinated by the prospects of becoming a pilot? There are only three steps necessary for you take a big leap towards that dream. 

Step 1

Inform Yourself

<p>We invite you to take part in one of our info-events. There, we will provide all the relevant information first hand and experienced pilots and instructors can answer all of your questions.</p>

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Step 2


<p>You want to apply? Then please upload a CV including a photograph of yourself, available diplomas and a motivational letter.</p>

Apply now for MPL!

Step 3


<p>Within a few days, we will get back to you to confirm having received your application. After a careful review, we will then invite you to the European Flight Academy selection procedure.</p> <p>Best of luck!</p>

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Are you ready?

Apply now

Are you ready? Then apply to European Flight Academy and complete the MPL program in 24 to 28 months. The following link leads you directly to our application portal, where you can upload all the necessary documentation.


Do you still have questions?

How long does the pilot training take? How high are the fees? And do I actually need to be very athletic? Here you can find everything you need to know about the pilot training.

(Embrace: FAQ müssen für Lufthansa angepasst werden)

Where can I inquire about the status of my application?

We’re afraid it’s not possible to access your application once it has been sent to us. If you require information as to its status, please contact us by telephone or email.

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What is tested during the Basic Qualification?

You decided to apply for pilot training? Then the Basic Qualification is the first step in the selection procedure. To pass, you need to show that you have good knowledge of certain subjects, such as (approximately) the topics taught in years 8 to 11 in math and physics. The following aspects are all assessed during the Basic Qualification: Knowledge of technical and physical processes (electrical engineering, mechanical processes as well as heat, fluid, and wave dynamics), technical understanding of how simple systems and devices work, English-language skills (vocabulary and grammar), calculation and logical thinking, concentration and memory, speed of perception and spatial orientation, hand-eye coordination and other motor skills, ability to multitask in complex situations.

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When do I find out whether I have passed the Basic Qualification?

You will receive the results of your Basic Qualification in writing within a few days of having completed the test.

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Where You Can Get To Know Us

Info events and live chats

At our regular information events and live chats, you will learn everything about training at the EFA.