Your Flying Future

The Selection Procedure

Information about the current situation: Due to the corona pandemic our selection procedure for future student pilots has been placed on hold. The current planning is that no further BU/GQ appointments ("Berufsgrunduntersuchung" and "Group Qualification") will take place until end of 2020. You can continue to register your application in our system; it will be considered once our selection process has been reopened. Please be aware that our entire recruiting process has been placed on hold for the moment. You will receive a notification once it resumes.

Grow with the Challenge

A Challenge that Helps You Progress

At European Flight Academy, we see the selection procedure as a challenge you should approach with a professional ambition – everyone who takes part sees it as a growing experience. All candidates share the dream of taking to the sky in an airline cockpit. You are grasping at a new opportunity and will find out a lot about your strengths and weaknesses. Those who meet the basic requirements and dream of flying should definitely take part – or do you want to one day say that you never tried?

Selection Stage 1

Basic Qualification

The selection procedure for our pilot training is divided into two stages and, depending on your intended training program, can differ in the details. The first step is the Basic Qualification (“Berufsgrunduntersuchung“ or BU). Here, we assess if you have the basic skills necessary to work in a cockpit. In further testing, we use a joystick and touchscreen to put your sensory-motor-skills to the test while controlling flight parameters such as altitude, course and speed. At the same time, an acoustic task pushes you to apply your ability to multitask in a complex situation, which you’ll encounter often when working in a cockpit.  


You will receive a notification within a few days as to whether you have passed the basic qualification.

Selection Stage 2

Group Qualification

Group Qualification? The group we are referring to is the Lufthansa Group. While the basic qualification assesses whether you are suited to a career as a pilot, the next step focuses on whether you meet the requirements of the Lufthansa Group Airlines in terms of behavior, teamwork and personality


The group qualification (GQ) for the ATPL program takes 1 day. See the graph below for the steps involved. An exercise and a role-playing session show us, for example, how you act in situations typical to a cockpit – both on your own and in a team. It focuses on what you can do already but also how quickly you learn new skills. We are interested in your hand-eye coordination and other motor skills as well as how you deal with multiple stress factors


In addition, your personality can shine in an interview. Here, we want to discover your social, leadership and communication skills, to name a few. 


If you pass this second stage, only a small step remains between you and the cockpit of one the largest airline groups worldwide: the medical and drug screening.

Selection Stage 3

Medical and Drug Screening

Don’t worry: you don’t need to be the world’s best athlete to work in a cockpit. We require a normal level of fitness. This is just one aspect of assessing whether you meet the medical requirements. One thing is very strict, though: pilots must be completely sober and clean. That is why we require a drug screening as well. Once you have passed this stage, you will receive your EASA Medical Class 1.

Contrary to popular opinion, pilots do not need 20/20 vision. There are pilots who need to slightly correct their sight with glasses. Also, we cannot make any general statements on a minimum and maximum height, as this needs to be assessed by a doctor individually.

You have made it!

Once you have passed the selection procedure, the choice is yours: our courses begin throughout the year and we will try to accommodate your desired starting date. We are delighted to welcome you to the European Flight Academy and the Lufthansa Group!


Where You Can Get To Know Us

Info events and live chats

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At our regular information events and live chats, you will learn everything about training at the EFA.

Do you still have questions?

How long does pilot training take? How much does it cost? Do I need to be especially athletic? Here, you’ll find all the answers you were looking for on pilot training.

How can I pay for my living costs? Is it possible to have a job alongside the pilot training?

Our pilot training is designed to be a full-time activity. Successfully completing it depends on a high level of focus. We thus do not recommend taking on any additional employment during the training. Should you need assistance in covering the cost of living, it may be possible for you to apply for government assistance under the German BAföG program.

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How old do I need to be when starting pilot training?

You need to be at least 18 years old when beginning the training. Please note that you can already submit your application for our MPL program when you are 17 years of age; for our ATPL program, you need to be 18 years old to apply.

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Can I become a pilot without perfect sight?

Yes, not all pilots have 20/20 vision. Your eyesight will be assessed by a doctor as part of your medical.

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