About European Flight Academy

One Flight Academy, Three Countries: Our Locations

Study the theory? Prove your multitasking skills in the simulator? Soar through the skies in a training aircraft? At the European Flight Academy locations, you and other pilot trainees will learn all this – and much more. Here is some information on our locations.


A Location Steeped in History

The Lufthansa Aviation Training Germany training facility in Bremen was founded in 1956 and is now one of the longest-standing training locations in international aviation. In Bremen, you will spend the first twelve months of your theoretical training in the ATPL and MPL programs. This is also where the actual flight training happens, and where MPL students of European Flight Academy practice in the simulator, before they can demonstrate their skills in modern jets.


The Fresh Air of the Baltic Sea

On our aviation base by the Baltic Sea, right next to Rostock Airport, maritime atmosphere and aviation skill come together. This is where ATPL student pilots of European Flight Academy finish their instrument flight on Diamond DA40/42 aircraft, as well as in the Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer.


Simulator Training in the Capital

At Berlin Schönefeld Airport, a fleet of different full flight simulators are available for MCC training. Cockpit crews from all over the world use our site at Berlin-Schönefeld to practice on state-of-the-art equipment. ATPL student pilots of European Flight Academy also practice their cockpit-crew cooperation, the co-called Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) here.


Take-off In an Alpine Environment

At Grenchen Airport, student pilots of European Flight Academy, who have applied to SWISS or Edelweiss Air, complete flights for sight and instrument flight training. During visual flight, they encounter an idyllic scenery here: Grenchen is close to Lake Neuchâtel at the feet of the green hills of Jura. For their training, type Diamond DA40 and DA42 aircraft are available.


Training Between Airport and Metropolis

Zurich not only offers the largest airport in Switzerland, but also the rich cultural range of a metropolis. At our Zurich site, we conduct theoretical and simulator training for students of European Flight Academy, who are trained according to the SWISS or Edelweiss Air model. Our traning center is located close to the airport and is only 15 minutes away from the city center.

Goodyear, Arizona

Breathtaking Moments Above the Desert

In Goodyear, approximately 30 minutes from Phoenix, Arizona, our MPL student pilots start their practical training and get to take off for the first time. The Arizona desert offers the perfect setting for this breathtaking moment.


Here, student pilots gain initial flying experience and get to practice visual flight on Cirrus SR20 and Grob G12 aircraft.

Vero Beach, Florida

Discover the Southeast From Above

In almost-always-sunny Vero Beach, Florida, USA, ATPL student pilots of European Flight Academy complete their visual flight training. And upon their initial start from Municipal Airport, they are offered grand views on the Atlantic coast as well as excursions above the metropolis that is Miami.

At the Vero Beach site, Piper PA28, PA28R Arrow, and PA44 Seminole are available.