Application, training, selection and entry

The Flying
Future: All You Need to Know

How do you become a pilot? We offer two training programs (ATPL and MPL), which both qualify for a cockpit at one of our airlines.


Step 1

Where can I apply?

At first, you apply at European Flight Academy. We offer two qualified and internationally accepted training programs (Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL)), which both qualify for a career in the Lufthansa Group cockpits.


As soon as you have successfully completed the selection process, you sign a training agreement with the European Flight Academy. Which airline you eventually board will be decided during the application phase towards the end of your training.

Step 2

Which skills do I need for the selection process?

In Lufthansa Group’s selection process, we will assess whether you have the skills to be pilot – from a basic understandingtechnical systems to social competence in teams. However, you do not need to have previous knowledge on aviation. At the end of the selection process, there is both a medical examination and an interview, in which you can present yourself to European Flight Academy.

Step 3

What Does The Training Look Like?

It all begins after signing the training agreement! After a twelve-month theory phase at European Flight Academy, you will be prepared to finally sit in a cockpit yourself. For this, you subsequently travel to one of our locations in the USA and complete your first practical phase. The training course at European Flight Academy takes between 20 and 28 months altogether – depending on the license you are receiving.

Step 4

When Do I Sit in the Cockpit of a Commercial Flight?

Depending on the license you are seeking, you apply at your desired airline within Lufthansa Group during or after your training. If you completed the ATPL program, you also obtain the type rating for one of our aircraft types and are ready for your first commercial flight. If you are a graduate of our MPL program, the type rating is already part of the training and you can get started directly in the cockpit.

Step 5

How do I pay for training?

The LHG pays for a significant portion of the pilot training. With our Career Funding program, European Flight Academy’s interest-free repayment model, means you merely need to cover the cost of living during your training and not worry about the training costs themselves. Once you have completed your training and working as a pilot at a Lufthansa Group airline you begin repaying your share of the training cost.