Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL)

In contrast to the ATPL training course, the Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) training places a larger focus on preparing you for working in a 2-person cockpit from the beginning of the course onward. The topics covered are thus handled slightly different, the order of the training modules is thus slightly different and the equipment used is different. The goal of the training and the qualifications you receive are identical, though. Receiving a Type Rating for a Lufthansa Group aircraft is an integral part of the overall training. Upon completion, you will have the license and permissions to be “cleared for takeoff”.

Within the Lufthansa Group, the MPL license allows you to join Lufthansa itself, Lufthansa CityLine or Austrian Airlines.

Special features of this training path

Please note that we also offer an international study program in ‘Engineering in Aviation Systems Technology & Management (ILST)’ in collaboration with the Bremen University of Applied Sciences starting from season 2018 / 19 and connected to the MP training (ab initio)

International study program of Engineering in Aviation Systems Technology & Management (ILST)

The training phases

Theory Phase

12 months

Flight Phase 1 MPL Core Phase

4 months

Flight Phase 2 Basic Phase

4 months

Flight Phase 3 Intermediate Phase

LAT or airline
5 days

Flight Phase 4 Advanced Phase

Type rating and landing training
3 months


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