Be a Good Sport

The selection process for prospective pilots

The path towards the dream job of a pilot involves a thorough selection process. Prospective pilots need an array of traits and skills that are tested in a multi-tiered procedure. Don’t worry: it is manageable!  


The selection process to become a pilot for LHG is demanding. Hardly any candidate goes through the two-step procedure without a great deal of preparation. And indeed, there is quite something at stake – all applicants want to make their dream of a job in an aircraft cockpit come true. The good news: the selection process for the ATPL and the MPL training courses at the European Flight Academy (EFA) is doable.


Regular Physical Fitness is Enough

When you take the first step and apply online, we don’t expect you to already have all the math or physics knowledge you’ll later need, you don’t need to be the world’s most logical thinker. When we assess your technical knowledge in the so-called Basic Qualification, what you have learned in school from years 8 to 11 is what you’ll need. And don’t think you need to be a top athlete to pass our medical: regular physical fitness is enough.

But: we do check our applicants very carefully. A pilot will later work in a technically complex environment of humans and machines. Our Basic Qualification looks to find out whether you meet the requirements needed to be a pilot. During the one-day selection procedure, we test your aptitude with multiple choice tests at the PC in the areas of mathematics, physics, and logical thinking. There are additional tasks concerning your technical understanding and your English skills (vocabulary and speech comprehension).


Like in a James Bond Movie

We are interested in your operational skills. Are you fit for work in a cockpit? We conduct an instrument test in a simulator that could come right out of a James Bond movie. Experienced captains sit next to you during the selection process and together you evaluate your psychomotor skills and your ability to multitask. It is about good perception, memory, concentration, quick information processing, and your sense of direction.


Sound like a challenge? It is, but applicants are happy to be there. Once you pass the Basic Qualification, the second step is the group qualification (GQ). Here, we are interested in the applicant’s personality and social competency. A commercial pilot works in diverse and often international teams with different people and temperaments. This is precisely what makes the job so interesting. A pilot at Lufthansa Group carries responsibility for the passengers and for the team. We thus look at emotional stability, carrying responsibility, and being able to lead.


Just Be Yourself

The two-day GQ focuses on you and your personality. Is the pilot profession your calling? This part of the selection process can be compared to an assessment center, with interviews and group discussions. The best strategy to convince us is to not play a role but simply be yourself. Remember, there is not one correct way to pass this selection procedure, everyone can and should go at it their own way. For the ATPL program the GQ takes one day, and for the MPL it takes two days, as here we also assess multi-crew situations in the simulator. There are many paths towards the cockpit and your first take-off at a Lufthansa Group airline. Your passion will persuade us


Once you’ve completed both selection procedures, it’s time for the medical. This is about looking your health. An aeromedical center checks whether you are physically fit to fly. When applications are withdrawn during the medical examinations, it is mostly because of color blindness and eye diseases that would inhibit a pilot’s work.


If you went through every stage of the selection procedure and nothing came up during a background check, you are admitted for training at European Flight Academy. We will let you know as fast as possible and then discuss in which course you can start.


What Our Student Pilots Advise You

The best attitude is to just go for the selection process. “Go for it” is thus the short and pragmatic advice of many of our former student pilots who now fly LHG routes, and who would go through the selection process again, as they say. Do you want to look back in 20 years and ask yourself why you never tried? The biggest mistake would be not to apply.


Maybe, it will be you sitting in the “front seat” of the next Lufthansa Group flight, flying with the best pilots and experiencing incredible things like landing an airliner for the first time. A former LHG pilot described it as “like out of a movie”, reliving the moment even though the experience was already ten years ago. This and much more awaits you during your career at Lufthansa Group


Please note: if we invite you to our selection procedure after your online application, you will receive more useful tips to prepare you for the Basic Qualification via email


The fascination with flying

In the video, our students explain how they got to the European Flight Academy, what motivates them, and how it feels to finally fly solo.