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dream routes in the cockpit

This is a career where friends and family will be jealous of your everyday destinations. So, think global and polish up your geography skills, because we’re ready for takeoff.

Little World, Big Moments

 “In the morning, I packed my running shoes so I could go jogging in New York’s Central Park the next day,” recounts a pilot of Lufthansa Group (LHG). He flies long-haul in an Airbus 330 and has had the opportunity to travel all over the world. He visited Hongkong’s hotspot Lan Kwai Fong after a flight and had a drink at his favorite bar “Dusk till Dawn”. He rented a car in Cape Town, South Africa, and drove to the fishing village of Paternoster, where he enjoyed wonderful beaches and delicious seafood. He has experienced all this and more.


He has witnessed the colors and flavors of open-air markets in India, watched the most beautiful sunsets and, at the same time, seen extreme poverty. Gazing at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, shopping for inexpensive designer clothes in Boston: the Airbus shrinks the world and expands each moment. “My father calls me a man of the world,” says the LHG pilot.

Shopping in Buenos Aires

One of the greatest aspects of flying, apart from the exhilaration of flight, itself, is that this profession really brings the world to you: faraway countries, foreign cultures, and global cities. Flight school is, in some ways, a school of life. Those who see the world understand more of it. Plus, if you express a particular destination you want to fly to, headquarters tries to make that happen. 


It’s true that crews don’t always spend so much time at their destination, but the chance to soak up the atmosphere in Havana, Bangkok or Johannesburg is real, as is the possibility of stepping onto the Acropolis in the middle of January or picking up a memento from a market of Buenos Aires. Lufthansa Group crews have a website where employees share travel tips. It’s a strenuous job, but sharing some relaxation and experiences in other countries are a central part of flight and more than make up for it. 



In the video, our students explain how they got to the European Flight Academy, what motivates them, and how it feels to finally fly solo