A Day in route service: every flight holds big moments

What does a pilot’s work day look like? And is the moment when the aircraft’s nose pierces the clouds ever boring? Heinrich, Chief Officer at Eurowings, takes us into the cockpit. We meet him for the briefing at Düsseldorf airport and experience an exciting flight to Lisbon with him in the A320.

„After two, three years it’s still true: every time the thrust levers go forward, it’s awesome.“
Heinrich, Chief Officer at Eurowings

Düsseldorf - Lissabon

The briefing starts 70 minutes before departure. The pilots take a look at the weather and specifics at the airports, decide how much kerosene needs to be fueled, and talk to the cabin crew. Why not see for yourself, though? Enjoy the flight to Lisbon. 



In the video, our students explain how they got to the European Flight Academy, what motivates them, and how it feels to finally fly solo