Flight Training in Goodyear, USA

The sky above the desert

In Goodyear, the student pilots of Lufthansa Group (LHG) learn to fly. With 355 days of sunshine a year, the conditions are ideal, you learn at high speed, and the experiences are unforgettable.  

The First Solo

The excitement in the course rose as the flight training in Goodyear, Arizona approached. Countless take-offs and landings, the first solo flight, subsequent night and cross-country flights, and finally the upset prevention and recovery training, during which the student pilots learned to master any situation in the air – all this was waiting for the aspiring pilots in Goodyear.


30 minutes by car from Phoenix, the student pilots train at the European Flight Academy and learn under realistic conditions. The school also runs its own airport in Mobile, where lessons in the air are enriched by theoretical lessons.



„Get Better with Every Flight"

Here, the enthusiasm for flying is palpable. We first use the wind triangle, reading the weather, the clouds, and defining waypoints for flight planning. Later, we use an iPad to support digital flight preparations and help answer the question: how much fuel do I put into my Cirrus SR20? Finally, we prepare to accelerate, ascend, and use the radio while keeping an eye on the instruments. “We really recognize that we get better with every flight, and the things that took a lot of time before and stressed us out a lot become more natural every time,” says Sabine, 26, a student pilot from Munich


Sun? Almost All Year Round!

The student pilots see the Grand Canyon from above during their training flights. There is an 8,500 foot (2,590 meter) runway for night flights, equipped with professional PAPI lights in order to experience night flights like in an airliner.

Life on the flight school’s campus is a microcosm. Professional work is completed in front of impressive desert rocks and red-glowing desert valleys in the distance. On campus, a team of about 25 people assists student pilots aspiring to be LHG captains. From the cafeteria’s chef to the technician; to the quiet flight instructor with over 8,000 credited flying hours whose skin is tanned by the desert sun; to the managing pilot: the team spirit, the feeling of community, is unique


A Bit Like a Movie

Campus is near the “Lounge 57”, a billiards bar with a Top Gunvibe. The bar closes at midnight so that the next day’s flight training is unimpaired. There are two pools, a basketball court, tennis courts, and a barbecue area. However, we travel to many locations: Los Angeles with its colourful Venice Beach life, booming Las Vegas, and San Diego on the Pacific coast with the USS Midway aircraft carrier. Some classes rent or buy inexpensive cars to be able to better explore the area


The student pilots have by now inhaled the smell of the open spaces, of the wider world, with each liter of jet fuel burned. They’ve seen the world and flown over breathtaking landscapes. From Goodyear, they not only return to Bremen with many completed flight hours, but also with memories that could fill an entire photo album easily. “We’ve now been in Goodyear for one month, and we experience something new every day. It looks like this was actually the best time one could wish for,” says Sabine. By now, she has completed her first solo flight, taking to the air on her own.



In the video, our students explain how they got to the European Flight Academy, what motivates them, and how it feels to finally fly solo