Training, Jets and Dream Routes

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fascination with flying

When do students become student pilots? What do prospective pilots think about on their first solo flight over the Arizona desert? How does it feel to be responsible for over 180 passengers? Learn more about the exciting training at European Flight Academy and the fascinating everyday life of Lufthansa Group’s pilots.


In our stories about training and a pilot’s career, you’ll notice a lot of genuine passion for flying. Because many pilots possess a fascination with flying – from the first training flight in a single-engine prop plane, to the day they take a seat on the left side of the cockpit as captain, and take off from the tarmac with a giant passenger jet such as the Boeing 747. 


In this section, our students explain via video where their career aspirations come from and what fascinates them about the job. You learn more about the practical flight training in Vero Beach (Florida) and Goodyear (Arizona) and look over the shoulder of a Eurowings chief officer on his flight to Portugal. The story about the manager in the cockpit fits well here, because pilots have a highly complex job.


Discovering Europe and the world as a pilot? This is also one the advantages of the pilot’s profession. Find several dream routes described here. And finally, take a look at several selected aircraft models used by Lufthansa Group. Because for many, the fascination with flying is closely linked to the fascination with the ultramodern technology that surrounds us above the clouds.