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Information about the current situation: Due to the corona pandemic our selection procedure for future student pilots has been placed on hold. The current planning is that no further BU/GQ appointments ("Berufsgrunduntersuchung" and "Group Qualification") will take place until end of 2020. You can continue to register your application in our system; it will be considered once our selection process has been reopened. Please be aware that our entire recruiting process has been placed on hold for the moment. You will receive a notification once it resumes.


European Flight Academy, the pilot training school of the entire Lufthansa Group, is proud to offer top quality training. In approximately two years we train you ab initio –from the very start. Our training has a clear objective: to get excellent pilots into an Austrian Airlines cockpit, where you’ll join one the largest aviation groups in the world.


One Year to your first takeoff

Should you meet the admission requirements, we will invite you to take part in our selection procedure. Prepare to discover a lot about yourself – and should you be selected, get ready to experience your own adventure at European Flight Academy. After a one-year theory phase, you’ll be ready to take your place in the cockpit of a training aircraft at one of our locations in the USA or Germany.


Then let's go!

Training Course

ATPL: Airline Transport Pilot License

The classic commercial pilot license in a 20-22-month program. Our student pilots first learn to fly in cockpits designed for one person before moving to a larger aircraft (referred to as multi-crew cooperation). You receive your type rating and landing training at your future airline. Here’s an overview of the training course:

Our Training Programs: an Overview


Permanent EU & CH residence and work permit and unrestricted passport

18 years of age at the beginning of training

Medical fitness (verification not necessary at the time of application)

Fluent English

Fluent German

Matura/Abitur (qualified for university matriculation) or a general/subject-specific higher education entrance qualification

Minimum height of 1.65 m

For wearer of glasses/contact lenses: far or nearsightedness of +5/-6 diopters (not corrected with laser surgery)

No prior psychological assessment by the DLR („keine bisherige Teilnahme an einer psychologischen Untersuchung der Luftfahrt des DLR“)

Training Courses at a Glance



Approx. 2 years (20-22 months, type rating in addition)


Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Instrument Rating (IR), "frozen" Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), also allowing operations in a single-person cockpit


Are you ready to go? Then apply now for European Flight Academy’s ATPL course. The link below leads straight to our application system, where you can upload all the necessary documentation.


If you see your future in an Austrian Airlines cockpit, then please name this as your preferred airline in your application. This way you enter the necessary Corporate Qualification (Firmenqualifikation).



How long does the pilot training take? What does it cost? Do I need to be especially athletic? Find all the relevant information on our pilot training here.

How old do I need to be when starting pilot training?

You need to be at least 18 years old when beginning the training. Please note that you can already submit your application for our MPL program when you are 17 years of age; for our ATPL program, you need to be 18 years old to apply.

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What nationalities are admitted?

You need a permanent EU & CH residence with a work permit and an unrestricted passport to be able to apply.

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Is professional experience required?

No professional experience is required.

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