How long does the pilot training take? How high are the fees? And do I actually need to be very athletic? Here you find all you need to know on pilot training.


How old do I need to be when starting pilot training?

You need to be at least 18 years old when beginning the training. Please note that you can already submit your application for our MPL program when you are 17 years of age; for our ATPL program, you need to be 18 years old to apply.

What nationalities are admitted?

You need a permanent EU & CH residence with a work permit and an unrestricted passport to be able to apply.

Is professional experience required?

No professional experience is required.

Do I need to be especially athletic?

We don’t expect you to be a star athlete to do a great job in the cockpit. A normal level of fitness is all that is required.

Is it relevant if I have received citations or points for traffic violations?

You must not have more than 3 points docked against your driving license with the German central traffic register (Fahreignungsregister), and you must not have any citations for drug- or alcohol-related violations. Please contact the European Flight Academy for advice if you have received equivalent citations in other countries.

Do I need to pay to apply?

No, the application is free of charge. Yet, we are unable to reimburse any travel or accommodation costs that arise as part of the selection procedure.

Where can I inquire about the status of my application?

We’re afraid it’s not possible to access your application once it has been sent to us. If you require information as to its status, please contact us by telephone or email.

When does the Basic Qualification (Berufsgrunduntersuchung or BU) take place?

To a certain degree, you can decide this yourself. You can specify in your application in which month you intend to take part in the Basic Qualification. The selection procedure must take place within one year of your application. The specific date then depends on the number of procedures planned as well as on the number of applicants at the time.

What is tested during the medical?

You don’t need to be a star athlete to be able to work in a cockpit. We simply require a normal level of fitness. The medical is there to assess whether you meet all the medical requirements. We also do a drug screening at this point.